Orthotic Services

An orthotist is a healthcare professional that makes and fits orthoses for people who have weakened joints or muscles. The causes, for instance, can be disease, injury, or a congenital disorder.
Our Approach

Our 75 years of combined orthopedic experience give us the skilled knowledge required to create personalized solutions that aid in relieving pain and help to prevent further joint or muscle damage.

Whether a custom made solution or a prefabricated device is required, ensuring the best possible fit and working with you to explain care and use are part of every orthotic experience at WVOPC.

See the list of available items.
A custom process built for your progress
We'll work with you to transform your physician's prescription into a device that is easy to use, and as low profile and as lightweight as possible. For a custom orthosis, we follow a three-step process:
  • Step one
    Working with your doctor's prescription, an impression (mold) and/or measurements are taken.
  • Step two
    Next, the orthosis will be designed and fabricated. Our facility is state of the art; we employ all the latest technologies, materials and techniques in the creation of your device, plus we partner with many other expertly qualified facilities.
  • Step three
    When your custom orthosis is complete, we'll fit and explain the device to you. You'll leave the office knowing how to put it on, how to take it off, and what areas to watch for potential problems.
We have the ability to provide and expertly fit the following items:
  • Upper Extremity Orthotics

    Elbow Orthoses (EOs), Custom and Off the Shelf
    Finger Splints
    Fracture Bracing Above and Below Elbow
    Hand Splints (HOs)
    Shoulder Orthoses
    Wrist Hand Finger Orthoses (WHFOs), Custom and Off the Shelf

  • Lower Extremity Orthotics

    Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs), Custom
    Ankle, Foot, Knee, and Hip Bracing (Plastic and/or Metal)
    Diabetic Foot Orthotics
    Diabetic Shoes
    Fracture Bracing
    Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (HKAFOs), Custom
    Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFOs), Custom’
    Knee Braces, Custom and Off the Shelf, All Manufacturers
    Molded Shoes, Custom
    Patella Tendon Bearing Orthoses (PTB Braces), Custom

  • Spinal Orthotics

    Cervical Collars
    Elastic Supports
    Lumbar Corsets
    Plastic Body Jackets (TLSOs), Custom
    Scoliosis Bracing, Custom
    Spinal Fracture Bracing, Custom and Off the Shelf