Prosthetic Services

A prosthetist is a healthcare professional who designs and fits prostheses for those who have lost limbs due to disease, traumatic injury or congenital disorder.
Our Approach

At WVOPC, our approach to prosthetics begins with your needs. Our main objective is to help you achieve the most function and mobility possible, so you can achieve your rehabilitation and lifestyle goals and get back to doing what you love to do.

That all starts with building a foundation of trust with our patients.

See the list of our prosthetic services.
A custom process built for your progress
We work with you, your physician and your insurance company to create an individualized solution based on your needs: custom fitted to your limb and utilizing all the latest technologies and materials in the fabrication of your prosthetic.
  • Step one
    We begin with listening to you and evaluating your needs as they relate to your prescription and your lifestyle. Together, we will decide on the type of features your new prosthesis will need.
  • Step two
    We will contact your insurance company directly, review the coverage with you, and obtain your permission to proceed.
  • Step three
    You’ll be measured and an impression or digital scan of your residual limb will be taken to create a test socket.
  • Step four
    Next comes a diagnostic fitting and dynamic alignment. This ensures the ultimate in fit, usability, comfort, and appearance. At this point, its time to decide how you would like your prosthesis to look; from traditional to high tech, we work together to ensure you are comfortable with the appearance of your prosthesis.
  • Step five
    After the prosthesis is finished, you’ll receive use and care instructions, as well as another check for fit and comfort.

    We then do continued checks of your progress for the life of your prosthesis. We want to be sure your device is as comfortable and functional as possible.
Take a moment to explore our prosthetic services:
  • Upper Extremity

    Above Elbow
    Below Elbow
    Conventional Cable-Controlled Arms
    Cosmetic Finger Prostheses
    Gel Liners
    Laser Shape Capture
    Myoelectric Controlled Arms

  • Lower Extremity

    Above Knee
    Below Knee
    Alignable Systems
    CAD/CAM Design
    Conventional Hand Casting for Impressions.
    Diagnostic Fittings to Ensure Proper Fit and Pressure Distribution.
    Elevated Vacuum Suspension Systems
    Gel Liners
    Microprocessor-Controlled Knees and Feet
    Laser Shape Capture
    Shock-Absorbing Foot Systems with Energy Return
    Ultra-Lightweight Materials